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March 2021 - One year of Corona

Despite the crisis that has lasted for a year, LAIX Technologies is on a solid road to success. In America and Asia we have gained committed new sales partners who, together with us, take care of the increasing global demand for our products, especially the PDB dry baths and the SFC automations.

March 2020 - Corona Crisis

It feels like a nightmare come true. The whole world is fighting a tiny enemy. We wish all of our customers and business partners and their families to survive this difficult time in a healthy way. Take care of yourselves!

February 2019 - SFC Automation ECO


This is the newest design of our ECO Automation. Modular constructed as all our instruments. In this version with two PDB6 dry baths, so twelve temperature baths are available. Equipped with the NMR-TD Analyzer "SpecFIT 2.0" from our partner Fine Instrument Technology/Brazil.
You want to see it live? Then come an join us in Sevilla/Spain on the EuroFedLipid Congress.

August 2018 - Release 6.5.0

oe is a further development of OilExpert. It covers and supports the whole product development cycle, especially the development of recipes for fat refineries, margarine factories and the confectionery & chocolade industry. In particulary in working with edible fats and oils, it is possibele to move a large part of laboratory work to the computer by calculating, simulating and optimizing recipes and parameters. See more: Newsletter

November 2017 - SFC-Automation "Economy"
Our newly developed solution for lower sample throughput!

Benefit from the advantages of automation even if you have a smaller amount of samples per day. Our "Economy" version offers a lot of comfort on a small footprint (850 x 800 mm) and of course also meets the AOCS and UIPAC standards. From its "big sisters", our latest automation has received many features: the proven software SFC Application 2.2, the error-free positioning system, the sensor-controlled sample transport, the standard LIMS interface and the temperature and time monitoring with alarm. There are 8 temperature baths integrated, divided into a heating block (ambient temperature up to 100°C), a cooling block (ambient temperature up to 0°C) and 6 blocks for temperatures between 5°C and 60°C.


May 2017 - The latest generation of our SFC-Automation:
More reliability, more efficiency, more quietness - and a revised design!

We proudly present the latest generation of our SFC-Automation with three great improvements:
1. New error-free positioning system based on a stepper motor with absolute sensor. That means no more positioning errors, no end switches, no homerun. The robot always “knows” its position, even in the event of a power failure or physical collisions.
2. Much more efficient temperature controller: At half the energy consumption, we reach even lower temperatures so that air-cooled baths work reliably at 0° C even in non-climatic, warm rooms. Thus, water-cooled baths or air conditioning are unnecessary.
3. The device presents itself with a new profile system which, apart from the improved optics, also ensures a higher torsional stiffness (less vibrations, quieter operation) and has become more service-friendly (cable guides in the aluminum profiles, integrated sockets, etc.).


January 2017 - Laix purchases an extensive software package from Comicon GmbH / Hamburg

Since January 2017 Laix is also provider of laboratory software.
We have expanded our product range by the two standard interface programs: "cConnect" and "Peak-O-Mat". Also the automation software "SFC-Application", "AOM" as well as "FatLab" is now owned by Laix. So in the future, we will offer hardware and software from a single source. We look forward to this new challenge, which enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements.

August 2016 - Two more companies are official distribution partners of Laix Technologies!

PT. Karya Daya Syafarmasi for Indonesia and Malaysia and Servicios Electronet C.A. for Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Chile. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation. Also for the United States and for Canada we are in contact with reliable service partners.

June 2016 - WE HAVE WON! Laix Technologies gets the first price in a regional business contest!

We are the first-price winners of the "AC²-Wachstumsinitiative"! We are very proud that we convinced the jury members of our ideas, products and the visions for the future of Laix Technologies! It was a great celebration in the historical coronation hall in the town hall of Aachen.

March 2016 - Solar Datalab Ltda now official sales and service partner for Central America

After years of succesful cooperation Solar Datalab is now our official partner for Central America, Columbia, Equador and the Carribean.


February 2016 - New sales and service partner for Australia and New Zealand

We are happy to announce that we found a competent sales and service partner for Australia and New Zealand. We are convinced that our cooperation with AXT PTY Ltd will be an important component for the international commercialization of the Laix products.


February 2016 - New features for SFC-Automation
- Automated temperature calibration

The convenient solution to work always with exact temperatures. This is ensured by our newest development, which performs automatic temperature calibrations in custom defined periods. For documentation (e.g. for audits) the software produces a report for each calibration.

- Heated Input Block

Save a complete work step by putting the samples directly into the heated input block, which replaces a complete melting bath.

- Integrated water bath

You still want to use a water bath in addition to our dry baths? No problem, we integrate it into our automation. The sample tubes are dried automatically with air pressure and brushes for the next step after using the water baths.

May 2015 - new magnetic stirrers

Our new product line "Let's twist" starts with a powerfull contactless stirrer in our VariSynth stations.
This year we will present different single and multi position stirring plates, optional with heating or cooling and various types of controllers.
The first instruments can be tested on our booth shortly.

August 2014 - SFC Automation

Our SFC Automation is now running with the new Comicon Software "SFC-Application 2". Beginning of September the new software will be also available for older SFC Automations with Windows XP / 7.
Also on YouTube

January 2014 - Automation-Video

We want to thank DVD Rinkens for the great Video of our Automation instruments.
Also on YouTube

October 2013 - Automated Oilseed Measurement

We finished another automation based on our VariSam autosamplers.
Highlight of this automation is, that it can be operated in two modes. It can weight and measure up to 500 samples fully automated or you can work in a half automated mode. The NMR can be used for manual measurments while the instrument operates the balance. The status of the instruments is indicated with modern LED-stripes, the working area is protected by light curtains.

October 2013 - Automated FatLab is ready

We proudly present the first automated FatLab, our most complex automation. The new instrument fills up fats and measures SFC, POZ, FFA and refraction fully automated by just one mousclick. The complex 6-axle linear system with grippers and pipettes works fast and precise.

May 2013 - new robot systems- Scara and LowCost

Complementary to the established and proven axles of Bahr Modultechnik we now offer also Epson Scara robots to achieve up to five times more sample throughput.
For small throughput and small budget we now offer systems with the cost effectiv but high quality axles of UniMotion.

April 2013 - start of our new website

LAIX Technologies starts a new website. Many thanks to IT-Lösungen Frings for the great design work and cooperation.

March 2013 - Windows 7 Update for SFC automation

The new SFC automation software version is now compatible with Windows 7. After a successful installation and test on a running system, this update is now available for all existing and new instruments.


Upcoming Events

01.05. - 04.05.2022 - Atlanta/USA
AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo


07.09. - 09.09.2022



17.10. - 20.10.2021 Leipzig

Due to the still serious health situation in Europe, the conference unfortunately only took place as a virtual event. However, we had the opportunity to present our products in an online meeting.

20.10. - 23.10.2019 Sevilla

It was a great pleasure to participate in the Table Top Exhibition as part of this year's Euro Fed Lipid Congress. Many interested people visited our booth to see our ECO-Automation equipped with the SpecFIT 2.0.

25.06.2019 Rotterdam

Together with our partners Anaspec Solutions B.V. and FIT we presented the SFC-Automation ECO and our PDB Dry Baths at the annual congress of the Benelux Lipid Network.

14.03. - 15.03.2019 Laborama

In Brussels we will proudly presented our new SFC-Automation ECO, in cooperation with our partner Anaspec Solutions. Messestand

Review Jakarta

LogoTogether with our partner PT. Karya Daya Syafarmasi we took part at the LabIndonesia in Jakarta. It was a full success, many visitors were very interested in our products for the fats & oils analysis like PDB dry baths and the SFC automation.

Review Laborama 2018

On this exposition we presented the PDB Dry Bath and the VariSynth to the interested visitors.

Review Antwerpen 11.10.2017
Analytical Seminar

At this event, we explained to visitors the benefits of the PDB dry baths and presented our SFC automation with a vivid video.

Review EuroFedLipid 2016

Participants from all over the world, many prospective customers for our products, lots of interesting conversations - it was a very successful event. And in the evening we enjoyed the beautiful medieval city of Ghent.

Review Lab-Supply Rhein 06.04.16

Also in Leverkusen we took the chance to present the Laix products to an expert public.

Review Lab-Supply Main 02.03.16

We enjoyed the opportunity to present our VariSynth and the stirring plates to the interested visitors of the Lab-Supply.


Review Oils + Fats

The recently passed congress Oils & Fats was just great. We had a lot of inspiring conversations regarding our innovative products. Here are some impressions: Stand Laix oils & fats

Stand Laix oils & fats

Stand Laix oils & fats

15.-17.09.201 - Oils + Fats

Together with Comicon GmbH we will present our Hardware and Software solutions for the oil and fat industry on the Oils + Fats in Munich.
Oils + Fats

14.-17.09.2014 - Euro Fed Lipid

Together with Comicon GmbH we will present our Hardware and Software solutions for the oil and fat industry on the Euro Fed Lipid Congress in Montepellier.

30.01.2014 - ADM Congress

We present our automated FatLab and the SFC Automation on the ADM Congress in Mainz.

1.1.2013 AC² competition

The AC² competition for the Aachen region will open for the 10th time this year with more than 150 competitors.

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