SpecFIT 2.0

Standard system for Solid Fat Content Analysis in Fat Compositions, using low field NMR technology.
Made in Brazil by our partner "Fine Instrument Technology".


One single device to perform different analyzes!

- Solid Fat Content (SFC)
- Fatty acids in crude and refined oil
- Fatty acids in grains
- Omega 3 and 6/9 in capsules
- Olive oil mixture inside bottles
- Fat content in packed mayonnaise and sauces
- Biodiesel analysis


- 20 MHz probe with high sensibility, for 10 mm diameter NMR tubes
- Supply voltage: 100 - 240 V, 50 oder 60 Hz
- Consumption: 50W in stand-by mode / 150 W in operation
- SpecFIT SFC-Software: developped for measurement of solid fat content (SFC)
- Determination of SFC within approx. 6 seconds
- Compatible with LIMS Systems
- Compatible with automation and PDB dry baths
- Guarantee: 1 year


- No sample preparation
- High repeatability and precision
- Faster than dilatometry
- Non destructive
- Complies with ISO, AOCS and IUPAC Standard Methods
- Simple routines of calibration, measurement and reporting of results
- Daily report in Excel, generated by the Software
- Worldwide Service

More information under the following link:: SpecFIT (Homepage FIT)

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