Software to calculate, simulate and optimize fat blends and interestifications on the desktop

The OilExpert.net software is used by oil chemists and analysts to calculate, simulate and op-timize fat blends and interestifications on the desktop. One of the most important features is it‘s ability to calculate the solid fat content (SFC) taking into account the solubility of liquid oils and fats such as coconut or palmkernel oil and the eutectic behavior of oils and fats. OilExpert.net has numerous standard components as well as their analytical values and param-eters e.g. SFC values, solubilty data, fatty acids, sterols, tocopherols, etc. but they can also be expanded through input of your own data and your special components.

Modular and object-oriented

Oil-Expert.net is modular and object-oriented. As a result, customer-specific extensions are possible at any time in a simple and cost-effective manner. Connections to ERP and LIMS systems with automatic data import and export are also possible and have already been im-plemented by customers.


Main Features:
  • Calculation of the SFC values in consideration of the solubility and the eutectic behavior of liquid oils and fats such as coconut or palmkernel oil
  • Calculation and reevaluation of customer‘s specifications – quick and easy
  • Simulation and „construction“ of new fat compositions on the desktop
  • Price-optimization of fat compositions with consideration of all analytical values and parameters. Price optimization of raw materials
  • Optional fully automated Peak indication through the Peak-O-Mat Analyzer, to avoid misinterpretation by the existing integration software

Key Benefits:
  • Application development: quick and easy
    • Product development on the computer
    • Minimize lab costs
    • Prompt responses to customer inquires
    • Quick and flexibel reaction to a changing market
    • Minimization of raw material costs through price-optimization
    • Online calculation and optimization of recipes through-out the production process

Application examples

Calculation and reevaluation of customer specifications
Input: Analytical requirements or recipe
Output: Conformity

Simulation and „construction“ of new fat compositions
Input: Analytical values (minimum, maximum)
Output: Recipe

Optimization of fat compositions (price optimization)
Input: Analytical parameters (minimum/maximum values) and recipe
Output: Recipe with the least raw material price

Re-calculation (calculate one or more possible fat compositions from analytical data)
Input: Analytical data and parameters of the fat sample
Output: One or more recipes


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